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Care Home Service

About Care Home Service

One of our passions here at Fulham Palace Pharmacy, is providing medication for Care Home settings. We do this using a specialised system with our care home service. We have a passionate team who are fully committed to assisting you in providing the highest quality of care! So you can be assured that we administer medication in a way that best suits your needs.

How Do We Provide This Support?

The monitored dosage system we use is simple and safe. The time-saving medication dispensing methods we use enable us to provide the most effective service to our customers. And we are also great at accommodating your specific medication needs!

We offer MAR charts and can work with eMAR (Electronic MAR) charts to make medication ordering, preparation, administration and auditing simple and easy.

This enables our pharmacists to build long-term relationships with care and nursing homes. And with this in hand, we drive the best practices in medication management.

To learn more about how care homes, residential homes and nursing homes benefit from a relationship with Fulham Palace Pharmacy, please contact us.

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